February 2004 Racing Card Updates

 February 2004 Racing Card Updates We realize that many cards and sets are still missing and we will work to improve that every month - and there are many more to come!

Please notice that every set that we have entered contains the complete information for that set.  On every set we will always include the player, the card price and the team which that player plays for (if applicable).  In some cases certain cards do not have pricing because our source does not have a price for that card.  When we do get the pricing for that card, we will include it on the next month's update.

Press Pass Racing Collector Cards
2003 Press Pass Eclipse
2003 Press Pass Eclipse Previews
2003 Press Pass Eclipse Racing Champions
2003 Press Pass Eclipse Samples
2003 Press Pass Eclipse Skidmarks
2003 Press Pass Eclipse Solar Eclipse
2003 Press Pass Eclipse Under Cover Driver Silver
2003 Press Pass Eclipse Supernova

2003 Press Pass Warp Speed
2003 Press Pass Cup Chase Prizes
2003 Press Pass Craftsman
2003 Press Pass Coca-Cola Racing Family
2003 Press Pass Coca-Cola Racing Family Scratch-Off
2003 Press Pass Coca-Cola Racing Family Regional
2003 Press Pass Gatorade Jumbo
2003 Press Pass Nabisco Albertsons

2003 Press Pass Optima
2003 Press Pass Premium
2003 Press Pass Signings
2003 Press Pass Signings Gold
2003 Press Pass Signings Transparent

Also, as with any data entry type program -- mistakes will be made.  Should you notice that a player's name is misspelled, a team name for a player is wrong or any kind of typographical error has been made, please let us know.  We will correct it and include the correction on the next month's update.

 Get the latest Database Update If you do not see cards or sets that you collect included in this update - please let us know what they are - you can supply us with that information by going to Help Make Updates - remember that all the data we include on our updates are requests from our current The Card Collector users - just like you - so the information you give us is very important So until next month - we want you to "keep those cards and letters coming" and together we can get this database current.

Happy Collecting!

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February 2004 Racing Card Updates
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