Testimonials for The Card Collector

  • I was a Beckett Media customer for over 10 years until they lost most of my data.   I am absolutely thrilled with The Card Collector.   I love having the ability to backup my data at anytime instead of relying on an online company to do it for me.   I wish I would have found out about you sooner.   You truly have the superior product!!!.....S. Janosik - Midlothian, VA

  • Great tech support and patience in helping me get up and running!   Love this program!   Thank you very much!.....Tim

  • I have been using this program since it first came out and it is the 'ONLY' program I use.   I have used it for my store for inventory purposes.  Keep up the great work....John - Poland, OH

  • Been using the Card Collector for many years and easily converted my database of over 820,000 cards to new 7.0 program without a problem.   Great program!.....TDJ

  • Received the software today, easy to install, great features.  Look forward to using it.....R. W. Morgan

  • I have been using the program since 92, the old DOS version, Great software, I can customize the collection the way I want.   Good job, guys.....rsimons

  • I have been using the Card Collector since the 2.0 version and have over 200,000 cards inventoried.   It is a great program for the Card Collector......John Yaussy

  • I received the 7.0 today, loaded it, converted the old files and they are all there!   What a relief.   Over 15,000 cards autographs etc and they are all restored.   Whew!   Thanks a million.   The new program, by the way, is outstanding.   Thanks for your help.....Jim and Suzan A.

  • I've been using it since 1993, (the old DOS version), I am now running the new windows version and love it.   It's a great tool!!.....jphil@xxxxxxx.com

  • I've tried them all........believe me The Card Collector is by far the best.....R. Motz, CA

  • Easy to use and understand... L. Johnson, FL

  • Fast Delivery and well packaged.....Brown, MO

  • The built-in user guide explains the software in plain english!.....M. Peterson, NY

  • I have been using this program since it was called Lineup and just recently had my own auction and sold 710,000 cards in 6 hours.   Great data base and price guide.....cdyer@xxxxxxx.com

  • If tried several other softwares and this is the one I am using.....B. Edwards, TX

  • Finally - something easy to use!.....R. McElroy, MA

  • I started using CC in the old DOS program.   The best program I have ever used and now it is the only one I use......cardnut@xxxxxxx.com

  • All sports on one CD - now I collect other sports too.....L. Tuffile, NJ

  • "I track my collection and use it for insurance purposes -- now I know what my collection is worth".....Z. Koffler, SC

  • I got a Mark McGwire rookie card in my free pack of sports cards.....M. Thompson, AZ

  • Personalized email responses -- I like that.....P. Helms, TX

  • I can add my own collections so I added my wife's Beanie Baby collection -- this is great.....V. Romerro, PA

  • 30 Day - 100% money back guarantee -- I had nothing to lose!.....B. Bitler, NV

  • WE should tell every one about this program, it is great -- keep up the great job!.....J. Thomson

  • " I gave it to my brother-in-law for his birthday -- he and his son use it every night -- thanks!".....F. Sanders, OK

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