With so much information needing to be added to the program - we would like to hear from you on what is missing.  With so many of our customers providing information, it is difficult to add everyone's requests to a single update - so even though your request may not be on the next update, rest assured that it will be included on a future update.  Please limit your requests to one set per sport - all excessive sets requests will not be honored.  However, you may submit as many single requests as you wish.

Set Submissions
The Card Collector program is built with the sets (checklists) that are submitted by our program subscribers. Upon request we can send you a "template" and instructions on how the data should be submitted. In order for your submission to be added to the program, it must contain:
  1. A player/name for each card entry.  For example: if a card set contains 200 cards, your submission would need to include all 200 player/names for each card in the set.
  2. Pricing*, team names and player rookie status are all optional, but appreciated when included.
Each month a new update is released containing the checklist set information provided by our subscription subscribers.  If you would like to participate in our "Help Make Updates" program, please email us at and we will gladly get you started.

*Special Note on Pricing
The pricing provided for each card entry should be what we consider "Market Value".  We consider "Market Value" to be the price that the cards are actually selling for.  This information can be generated from many different sources, including Ebay, auctions, internet card shops -- just to name a few.  It is strictly prohibited to submit pricing that has been copied or taken from any "pay for pricing" source such as Tuff Stuff or Beckett.  Any and all card and set values submitted will be verified not to reflect data from any of the "pay for pricing" sources mentioned above.  For our legal protection, any violation of this policy will result in your set submission not being added to the program.

Also with any type of data entry program - mistakes can be made.  Should you see an existing set with players names spelled wrong or players listed with the wrong team, we would like to know that as well.  This also includes players with the wrong card numbers.
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