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12This trading card software has the extensive database and powerful features you need to manage any sport card collection. Quite simply - The Card Collector - lets you take control of your sports card collection. Track your sport and trading card collection and it's value. Let's look at some of the amazing features this card collecting software has to offer ...
  • Explore sports trading cards from their beginning right through today!

    Includes information on over two million cards and growing every month! From 1932 to present - this trading card software has baseball - football -basketball - hockey - nascar - golf - all on this one CD! It contains regular sets - premium sets - insert sets and parallel sets. Scan in your own cards and make this card collecting software your personal sport card price guide!
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  • Inventory all your cards quickly & easily.

    Just enter the quantities of the cards you own - The Card Collector does the rest. Catalog single cards, complete sets, series, packs, or boxes. Record card purchases and sales: date, place, price paid, even transaction notes. On the new 7.0 version - you can now keep track of all your "Graded Cards"!.
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  • Organize your cards any way you want!

    Search through sets by card number - player name - team - flags or value. Flag your sports cards as Wanted Card - Rookie Card - Special Card - Error Card - Create your own custom database - such as Pokemon trading cards or your Ty beanie babies collection! The possibilities are endless!
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  • Keep your card data current with available Price & Data Updates.

    Low-cost price & data updates are available monthly, quarterly, once-a year or whenever you want. Each update will bring your card database completely up-to-date with the latest card sets and newest prices for the sets we have added to the program. Updates re-value your card inventory and let you track the value of your collection. Keep your personal trading card price guide current!
  • Enjoy instant productivity -

    It's easy! With the toolbar, a single mouse click automates common actions such as printing reports, opening a set or picture and saving your work. The ID shortcut lets you instantly access the information for any card in the database. The "Help" menu is always available from the program's pop-up help, comprehensive help file and complete manual. The new "Help" menu has been updated to reflect the features and program functions for the newly released 7.0! This card collecting software has made the art of card collecting - a snap!
  • Print instant reports or customize your own.

    Print inventory reports and summaries, missing card lists, checklists, want lists, and team or player lists. Sort reports by card number, player name, team, card value or quantity Preview any report on the screen before printing. Create your own customized reports - choose exactly what to include. This sport card software was made by card collectors for card collectors!
  • Interactive Reports give access to any card.

    Double-click on any card in a displayed report to instantly open the information for that card. Create an interactive report to help inventory cards stored together by player or team. Any report you can create with The Card Collector can be displayed to the screen as an interactive report. No wonder The Card Collector is the number one selling trading card software in the world!  Order Information 

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