The Card Collector Customer Loyalty Program

Buy Update Now!Since CPP, Inc. took over The Card Collector® program in January of 2003, we have strived to maintain and improve both the program itself and our relationship with all of its former and current customers.  Numerous improvements and enhancements have been made to the program itself, including a major version upgrade from 6.0 to 7.0.   We instituted a Monthly Update program, adding tens of thousands of cards to the program database on a monthly basis, bringing the current database to over Four Million cards.  Over the years we have resisted raising the price of Monthly Updates, absorbing the rising costs of server space/bandwidth, data entry, research & development, production and shipping ourselves.

Unfortunately, the point has been reached where there is no viable alternative to raising the price of Monthly Updates, effective January 1st, 2011.  To soften the blow, however, we are instituting a new Customer Loyalty Program to reward our longtime and regular customers for their allegiance throughout the years, as follows:

Platinum Customers (customers who have updated within the past 12 months) The single “one time” update cost of $19.95 will remain available to all Platinum Customers.

Gold Customers (customers who have updated within the past 13-36 months) The cost of an update for Gold Customers will be $29.95 plus $3.95 shipping and handling.  This is a single “one time” update.

Past Customers (customers found in our database who have purchased the program, an update or an update subscription within the last 10 years) qualify for one of the following (3) options:

1)  Purchase of the complete program for $49.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling – total of $56.90.  Past Customers will also receive free tech support for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase.

2)  Purchase an Annual Subscription – 1 update per month for a year - 12 updates in all ($149.95) Free Shipping (Average cost for each update is $12.49 each)  Includes free tech support for as long as subscription is current.

3)  Purchase a Quarterly Subscription – 1 update every 3 months for a year – 4 updates in all ($59.95) Free Shipping *Best Value* (Average cost for each update is $14.99 each)  Includes free tech support for as long as subscription is current.

Current subscription customers will not be impacted by this new policy, as they are automatically upgraded to Platinum Customer status.

Effective January 1st, 2011, all customers will be required to enter a personal customer ID when placing an order.  If you don’t know your personal customer ID, click HERE and we will email it to you.  We can also email you your complete order history (over the last 10 years) upon request.  If we cannot locate you as a customer in our client database you will be required to purchase the complete program, or you can order one of the update subscription options #2 or #3 above.

Data from your previous version 4.0 or 6.0 can be imported into the new version 7.0.  For information on previous versions not listed above – click HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have ordered a series of updates in the past and have taken a 1 or 2 year “hiatus” or you’re a previous subscription subscriber that has taken some time off – click HERE.  We will evaluate each order on a case-by-case basis and adjust accordingly.  

Many thanks to all our customers for their understanding and participation which has made The Card Collector® the Number 1 card collecting software in the world!


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