February 2016 Update

February 2016 Update

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We realize that many cards and sets are still missing and we work to improve that with the help of our Annual and Quarterly subscribers.  If you are a current subscriber and you would like to help make updates - please let us know.  Our program is built for collectors by collectors!

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Please note that every set added to each update has been provided by our subscription program users.  If you should find errors or typos - please let us know - we will be happy to get our subscribers to correct any mistakes.

Click on the sport of your choice to see the update list for that sport.

Also, as with any data entry type program -- mistakes will be made.  Should you notice that a player's name is misspelled, a team name for a player is wrong or any kind of typographical error has been made, please let us know.  We will have it corrected and include the correction on the next month's update.
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