Card Collector "Previous Version User"

The Card Collector Version 7.0 was created with previous versions in mind.

  • If you currently running a previous version of the Card Collector program (V3.0 - V4.0 - V6.0 - please contact us if you are running V5.0) you will be able to import your current collection file - so that you will not have to re-enter all your cards again.  All manual changes you have made in your program will also be imported into the V7.0

  • A list of conversion instructions for all previous version collection files is available from the "Support" link.  These printable instructions will help you convert your previous version collection file over to the 7.0 version.

  • If you shoud have a problem in your effort to convert your previous version collection file - we have tech support available to help.  See the "Tech Support" page for more information.


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