Card Collector Reseller Program

We provide this program to assist retailers in increasing their profits by becoming licensed resellers of The Card Collector Software.

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Reseller Program Kit Contents

You will receive a 10 CD rack which is an acrylic display with message back, along with inserts.  The Card Collector CD's will display in 2 rows of 5 with a message back showing program highlights and the price you will be retailing the program for.  Four display inserts are included to allow you different pricing options:  $49.95, $39.95, $29.95 and one with a space for you to insert whatever price you wish.  Included will be 10 Card Collector program CD's in jewel cases.  On the backside of each of the CD jewel case will be a "one time only" update certificate redeemable for a free update.  This update will bring the Card Collector program current through the month in which the certificate is redeemed. (see below).

Display Dimensions

The dimensions of the acrylic display are:  11 1/4" wide by 8 5/8" high - 2 3/16" deep (inside) and 4 1/16" deep overall.

Free Update Certificate

The free update certificate will keep your Card Collector program CD's from ever becoming out-dated.  When a customer purchases one of your program CD's, they need merely send the certificate in to the address shown, and will then receive an update that brings their database current through the month in which they redeem it.  This certificate is for a single "one time update", which is available on a CD or as a download.  Any subsequent updates are only available from our website.

Retail Value

We retail the Card Collector program for $49.95 plus s/h from our web site.  We recommend that you retail the program for $39.95; however, whatever you retail it for is up to you.  Retailing the program for less than what we offer it for on our website will help you easily sell your copies of the Card Collector program.

Reseller Program Investment

Your total Reseller Program investment is $149.95 plus
shipping and handling.  This will average your cost per program CD at just over $14.95 each.  The acrylic display
and inserts are supplied at no charge - you pay only for
the 10 copies of the program plus S & H.

Order Your Kit Now

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