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The Card Collector Update Information

Updates are manufactured every month. We add between 17,000 and 25,000 cards into the program database each month. We work on the updates up until the last day of each month. At the end of the month - we then send the sets and price changes added for that month's update to be checked and verified for errors. Once the verification process is complete - we then send the final data to be pressed on to CD.

Since August 2003 - the updates have been available to be downloaded via the internet. When placing your order for the update - you will be given the option to download or be mailed a hard copy CD of the update. If you select the internet download - we will process your order and email you the update link and a unique "one time" password that will allow you to download your update directly to your computer. We highly recommend only using the download for our customers with "high speed internet". In our testing of the update download we found that using a 56K modem the process took several hours whereas with "high speed internet" the download process took 5 to 10 minutes. The update download is only available to our current 7.0 program users - once you have upgraded to the 7.0 version -all future updates you order would be available via the internet download.

Enclosed with your order of a version 7.0 update - will be complete step by step instructions on how to convert your previous version database over to the 7.0 database. For your convenience - we have added a link with these instructions called " Converting Older Versions " - this link is available from the home page menu.

We would also appreciate your help and assistance in providing information of what sets are missing from the program. You can provide us that information by selecting the link " Help Make Updates " from our home page menu.

We feel that it is important to show our customers all the sets that have been added to the program each month. So therefore we have created a link from our home page called " New In This Month's Update " - from here you can see the sets that have been added for each sport individually. We have also created a link from our home page called " Update Archives " to show you all the sets that have been added to our previously released updates.

Subscription updates are now available and you will be given the various options while placing your order for the update. For more information on the subscription update options and pricing - please refer to our  FAQ's  for more information regarding valuing your collection.

To order your copy of the most current update available - please click on the "Order 7.0 Update" button below.

 Order This Month's Version 7.0 Update

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